Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unschooled Kids...

My 7 year olds, who were getting ready for bed (at 10:30....yeah for homeschooling and living on OUR schedule), were talking about a book that Amelia got out of the library.  Maddie said, "She got an F on her spelling test.  I don't know what that means but its something bad."  Amelia responded, "Maybe it means 'fighting."  

I LOVE that they don't know what an "F" is.  I hope that they never do! :)

Joyous Trips to the Library!

Yesterday, we took our weekly trip to the library.  Actually, we often go to the library more than once a week, but we always go on Mondays!  My children love to read, as do I.  In fact, we go to the library after the book club that we started for local homeschooled children.  It is so exciting to go to the library and especially to come home with all of our great finds!  Yesterday, as always, the 30+ books that we took out were strewn around the house as we all explored them.  Maddie, one of my 7 year olds, took out 12 chapter books alone!  She spent the majority of the afternoon laying on the sofa reading, as she does every Monday afternoon.  Amelia, my other 7 year old, and Ben and Leah, my twin 4 year olds, created a library, using homemade library cards, the cash register, and lots of library books.  I feel so priviledged to spend a weekday with my children in this way!  Joyously learning and living together!