Saturday, July 25, 2009

GG turns 90!

My grandmother, known as GG (great grandmom) by all of her great grandchildren just turned 90! This deserved a huge bash! So, her 3 daughters put together a party. In attendance were those 3 sisters (including my mom), her 11 grandchildren (including me), and her 10 great grandchildren, not to mention assorted friends, girlfriends, fiances, step grandchildren, etc.... WOW! Happy Birthday, grandmom! :)

Grandmom with my Aunt Harriette!
Mike and Maddie!
Amelia with her 2 great grandmoms!
My brother, Adam, with my grandmom!
Leah at the restaurant!

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  1. What a milestone for GG! We all had fun celebrating her birthday. Love, Mom