Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adam and Jen Get Married!

My brother has been together with Jen for a long time long as Maddie and Amelia have been on our Earth! So, it was quite exciting when Adam (finally:) asked her to marry him last summer. They originally were going to get married in Philadelphia, which made sense for many reasons....most of all it is closer to most of the people who would be attending. But, as Adam and Jen always do, they went with their guts and decided to have the wedding on a beautiful farm in the Catskill Mountains of New York! I admire them in so many ways! And, I am inspired by them! Their wedding was so beautiful, creative, intimate, REAL, inspiring, FUN, and especially full of JOY! Here are some of the highlights, though the entire 4 days that we spent celebrating their committment to each other was full of joy....from the rainy rehearsal to the fireworks and bonfire after the wedding to the dancing (and especially the raised chairs during "Hava Nagila" the toasts, the beautiful crafty decorations by Jen....the list could continue for quite some time. We will always remember this fabulous time! Thanks, Adam and Jen!!!

My brother, Adam, fishing in the 40 ft. pond on the farm. Adam recently took up fly fishing.....inspiring how he keeps learning and trying new adventures in his life!

The children and I collected these apples (and ate many, many more) from the beautiful, old apple trees on the farm. Ben also fed countless to his favorite, the pigs!

Mike and I are ready for the wedding to begin!

Chowing after the ceremony on yummy cheeses and crackers.

Adam and Jen during the ceremony, high on a hill, with the beautiful Catskill Mountains in the background, standing under the Chuppah that Mike and Jen made (Mike made the structure and Jen the fabulous fabric that adorned the top), declaring their committment to each other. I was especially moved by their REAL words and obvious love for each other. This is the start of another adventure for them. And, for me, it was an inspiration to have as many adventures as I can. After all, life is short. And, life is good!

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