Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Learning In Our Own Way!

Tonight at dinner, Amelia was noticing what a good speller she is.  It's true!  She is a strong reader, though not as strong as Maddie, and yet, her spelling skills shine!  Why?  It is obvious to me that it comes from hours spent on the computer!  She loves to work on her blog, To Amelia,
Webkinz, Spanish sites, .......  Mostly, she just LOVES the computer.  And, she is quite skilled at using it (much more so than her mama).  Now, if she were in school and forced to learn spelling words each week, I can only imagine how that would go with her (grumble, grumble, do I have to???).  But, on her own, she has figured out so much, doing exactly what she loves and has chosen to do!  

TRUST!  I trust that, although I don't always like her on the computer for hours at a time, there is a reason for it.  And the reason is that she LOVES it, she is of course learning from it, and this is HER LIFE!  She need to choose her path.  

I seem to be focusing on Amelia a lot lately.  So, let me also mention a Maddie untraditional learning moment!  Maddie was making her Felicity American Girl doll (from Colonial times) bend backwards.  She said, "Felicity couldn't really do this."  I replied, "No, that would be hard for anyone to do."  "No, Mommy, it's because she wore stays and they wouldn't allow her to bend in that way."  Of course, Maddie, what was I thinking???  :)

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