Sunday, March 8, 2009

Spring is in the air....

 Thinning my lettuce plants led to a yummy dinner salad.  Our first fresh greens of the new year!  

Here are the plants that did not make it into our salad....getting  SUN!

   A "before" picture of our raised beds, looking bleak and empty!  Soon to be full of LIFE!
Ben was full of JOY and mud as our beautiful day progressed!
Much of Saturday was spent in a tree!
Maddie is collecting onion grass to chew on.  Maddie and Amelia made a salad of it but then decided that they didn't like the taste that much!
I remember that feeling of leaning back on a swing!  Pure JOY!

Nothing better than muddy feet.
Spring is finally almost here!


  1. Wow! You had a dose of Spring Fever! Looks like everyone had a fun day! Glad to see that the lettuce plants are thriving and are producing enough to feed everyone this early. Mud and children are a perfect match! Love, Mom

  2. Wow, your greens are HUGE! You must have gotten them started a good two weeks before I did mine. I just transplanted my first batch into the cold frame. Yeah!

    Happy Spring.

  3. Thanks for the cold frame info., April! Mike build one this weekend, and I'm excited to use it very soon!

  4. I can hardly wait for spring greens!
    And sugar snap peas!

    (and strawberries and raspberries and tomatoes and cucumbers and blackberries....)
    A lovely weekend!

  5. Hi Mommy,
    I like that post.
    have A good day,