Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Trust is so much a part of this unschooling life that we live.  I trust that my children will learn what they need to learn, without imposing on them what I think they should learn.  This can be easier said than done for me.  I am "deschooling" myself!  

Leah, who is 4, would not go poopy on the potty.  She has been potty trained (pee pee) for quite some time....years.  But, when she has to make poopy, she asks for a diaper, does her business, and then asks to be immediately changed.  At first, Mike protested.  But, I convinced him to trust her, that she was doing what she needed to do.  So, much time has passed, and Leah has showed no signs of wanting to go poopy on the potty.  Then, the other day, she just did it!  She was ready.  There was no struggle, no anxiety, just peace on the potty.  Trust.

Amelia is another example.  Before I started on this unschooling journey, I tried to "teach" my 2 oldest daughters to read.  Well, it did NOT work for Amelia.  She wanted nothing to do with it (and rightfully so as she was clearly not ready).  So, I backed off.  Completely.  I continued to read to her, take her to the library, love books.....   Now, she reads like a pro.  It still is not her first choice of an activity to do (very different than her twin sister, Maddie, who would read 22 out of 24 hours of the day!).  But, she can do it and do it well!  Trust.

I can't say that TRUST always comes easy for me.  But, I'm learning.  Or unlearning all of those years that people told me what I should be learning and when.  


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  1. Wonderful to learn to trust them to move forward in their own time. I do take issue with the term "potty training", though, at least in the unschooling sense. I don't think I've "trained" my children, just gently guided. So interesting to consciously examine the language we use about our children.