Saturday, May 2, 2009

Brothers and Sisters......

"Sisters and brothers, brothers and sisters
Ain't we, everyone
Brothers and sisters, sisters and brothers
Every father's daughter, every mother's son"

        from Free to Be You and Me

This is one of our favorite songs from "Free To Be You and Me."  But lately, its been a lot of fighting and talking meanly to our sisters and brother.  It's so hard to see them fighting....mostly my two 7 year old daughters.  They are best buds some days/moments and really talking meanly to each other the next day/moment.  I am feeling very upset by this at times. 

 It is especially hard because I wish that I had a sister!  A lifelong friend.  Someone to talk to when it seems that no one else is around.  My mom has two sisters, and she is spending this weekend at the beach with one of lucky she is to have this companionship and connection.....for life!

I have one brother, Adam.  He is 6 years younger than me, celebrating his birthday today....Happy 30th birthday, Adam!  He is a great guy, but we really didn't have a lot in common growing up.  He is so much younger than me.  I wanted to give my children what I didn't have....lots of children around the same age.  And so we did.  Two 7 year olds and two 4.5 year olds.  I wish for them a lifetime of friendship together!

So, what to do about the fighting....?????  Well, today something occurred to me.  My children are almost always together, as we "homeschool" (or "explore" as I prefer to say).  This is a gift.  Though it does lead to fighting at times.  So, in all, I am grateful that our lives are spent exploring this beautiful world together, instead of in different classrooms in a school all day.  I'm glad that they create shows together, swing together, find fairies in our yard together, eat meals together, travel in the car together, play in the park together....and yes, fight together. 

 I'll take the "TOGETHER" with a little fighting over lives spent apart any day!

Sisters and brother.....and Webkinz pose for the camera!
Amelia and Leah, during a loving moment last week.
Ben and Amelia on an Easter hayride a few weeks ago.  Exploring our world together on a weekday in the Spring...perfect!

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  1. The fighting drives my crazy too Lydia, especially when it seems like they don't want to stop. But I am sooooo grateful they have each other. It's a friendship I never had either.