Saturday, May 9, 2009

Exploring Fridays!

One of the great advantages to HOMEschooling (or exploring, as I definitely prefer) is not always staying at HOME. I love to go exploring with my children! Often we can be found at local museums (and those in Philadelphia), parks, stores (our current favorites being an Amish natural food store, Millers, and the Amish fabric store, Zooks), local festivals, libraries, book club, park day, ballet class, soccer games, .....

Friday is also one of our favorite days to explore because my mom takes off of work to spend the day with us. It is often a fun day to travel somewhere new....or loved. Yesterday, we went to the "Please Touch Museum" in Philadelphia. We used to go there a lot but they have since changed locations and it is AMAZING! It is quite the place to explore and love being a young person! Everything is geared towards young people....little sinks that children can actually reach, real tools to explore (a shoe store with shoes, measuring devices like you find at the store, the same stools that are used at the mall), fun shows, water play, and even an inside carousel!

As we were watching the pirate puppet show, Ben was getting tired of sitting and he turned and said to me, "Can we go exploring again?"

Yes, Ben. Absolutely!

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