Monday, May 18, 2009

Real Work/Real Tools

Ben loves to cook these days!  Tonight, he was making pancakes for dinner.  Mike walked in the house while Ben was pouring batter into the pan and urgently said, "Ben, be careful.  Back away from the stove; it is hot!"  I assured him that Ben is fine!  More than fine, really.  He knows that the stove is hot and he is careful.  He is confident and trusts himself because I trust him.  

A few weeks ago, I put our play kitchen down the basement.....I couldn't get rid of it entirely...too many memories.  All of my children used to like to play with it.  But, it hasn't been used for some time now.  Part of it might be their ages, but I think that part of it is that they are allowed to use our real kitchen.  Almost daily, one or more of my children can be found using the stove, baking bread or pizza dough, running the mixer (the best job around), using real ingredients to create real food....the real deal! 
 And, oh, what fun we have!

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