Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Our car is notoriously messy!  But for good reason.  We go lots of places.....and if there is no better place to picnic or if it is winter or if it is raining or if we are late (you get the idea), we picnic in the car.  So, it is generally full of crumbs and other picnic fallout.......

Last week, our car had to be in the shop for a few day and the mechanic had to take out our car seats.  I warned him that it would be quite messy.  He said, "Oh, don't we all have kids?"
When he called me later in the day to tell me about our car, he said, "Oh my gosh!  You weren't kidding about the mess!"  And, he vacuumed up our mess!   How sweet!  (We intend to take some treats over there as a THANK YOU).

Well, today, we got into our unusually clean car.  We had one doctor appointment for Ben (a trip to the homeopathic dr. for his bad eczema) and then we had some time before all of the children had their cleanings at the dentist.  So, we stopped at this really cool book store.....huge old stone building, tons of little rooms crammed with old books, little wooden chairs to sit in, the smell of wood burning throughout.....awesome!  But, before we went in to explore, we had a picnic.  And, guess what?  It was too wet to eat on the grass outside of the beautiful bookstore.  

When Mike took Ben and Leah to soccer tonight, he said, "What did you do?  Did you smash crackers into the rug of the car so that it would feel more like usual?"  Ha! Ha!

So, here are some pictures of our car picnic and also playing in the wet grass afterwards.  I am so glad to spend my days exploring our neck of the woods with my four children!  What a gift....

This face is for you, Uncle Adam and Aunt Jen!

The whole gang in our increasingly crumby car!

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