Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Webkinz Day!

The other day, Ben said that we should celebrate, "Webkinz Day."  He also wanted to make cupcakes.....all in honor of our newest Webkinz, Cinnamon Sugar, the sweet dog that the children gave me for Mother's Day.
So, today was the day!  

But first, we had time for.......

Riding in the car to our monthly "Unskate." During the ride, Amelia (who is our resident Tinker Bell) tinked with my camera and figured out why the pictures weren't turning out right.  (By the way, Ben and Leah LOVE to tinker with the menu key!).
Roller Skating Fun! (And some time falling too!) 

Amelia and her friend, Natalie helping each other out!
Back at home......
The Mommy and Ben Bakery produced these beauties (vegan too!)

A special Webkinz meeting to end the day!  Every pet stated their favorite thing to do on Webkinz.  "Zacky's Quest," says me!
Good night and Happy Webkinz Day!

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