Friday, May 22, 2009

For those who think that "homeschooling" has to involve sitting around reading textbooks and completing workbooks, I offer you a different picture.......or pictures............

"Unschooling," by the Rehrman family............

Sewing clothes for a Webkinz puppy
Blogging, pen pal writing, and of course, Webkinz!
Watching a "Ms.Frizzle" video
A little more Webkinz.....
Reading while waiting for breakfast Creating.....
Mixing up the OJ while Leah looks in
Bubbles by Ben...all before breakfast
Mixing up the raisin bread

Of course, there was also running in the yard, gardening, instrument playing, making and eating ice-cream (so cool!), making pizza dough which was then cooked on the grill for dinner, cutting lettuce for dinner, watering, playing Sorry, taking stuffed animals camping, making a mud garden (and then of course cleaning off with the hose), reading, .......whew, I''m making myself tired just thinking about it.  Time for bed..... :)


  1. Making and eating ice cream, I'm putting that on my to-do list! Your day(s) sound wonderful and lovely!!

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  4. Hi mommmy,
    I love you. you do good post.