Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Baking with my kids is so much fun!  Here we are making biscuits.  I always wonder about people who buy the Pillsbury biscuits in the market (no offense, if it is you).  It is so easy and fun to make biscuits from scratch!  Really, it was only an hour from start to finish...and best of all I know exactly what did and did not go into our food!  YUMMY!


  1. That looks like so much fun! We haven't tried biscuits yet. Right now I am experimenting with sourdough and realizing that it is truely an art. What a joy, slow, simple foods.

  2. Hi! Wish we had some of your delicous bisquits with our soup for dinner. They always come out delicous! I bet everyone had fun baking!
    Love, Mom

  3. Those biscuts look great- my specialty is of course French Toast. In the summer, I move on to burgers on the grill- vegi of course is part of the burger menu around here.
    Pop Pop