Friday, February 27, 2009

Labrynth Reflections....

Today, Maddie, Amelia, Leah, Ben, my mom and I went to the DE Museum of Art and walked the labrynth that is outside.  It was about 60 degrees...fabulous for February in Pennsylvania!  Ben and Leah RAN around the beautiful rock maze trying to get to the center.  Maddie was concentrating on finding the center in a more peaceful way.  Amelia walked with me, and I told her that I was going to walk very slowly and try to concentrate on how I breathe so that I could relax.  While it was not completely RELAXING ("Ben, be careful with that stick, please!"), it was a fun time and gave me some thinking time.  

I started thinking about the beautiful weather outside today and how I'm glad that my children could enjoy it!  I'm so glad that they are not inside, staring out a window in a classroom, wishing it was time to play.  Instead, they can PLAY, whenever, wherever, and for as long as they wish!  I feel so glad that they were laughing at each other and planning what they would do when they got home this afternoon....and that they left the museum with their arms wrapped around each other.

I am so grateful that I have found my place in unschooling!  Finally, it all feels right to me.  Last year, I worried about what I was doing (and not doing) and contemplated sending them to school often.  It felt like a roller coaster ride of uncertainty.   This year, by contrast, I feel confident about my decisions.  I feel so sure that I am doing the right thing for my children at this time in our lives.  And, I feel so grateful to share each beautiful day exploring our world with my children!

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  1. dear mommy,
    that was fun.
    good wishes,