Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I am a part of a wonderful online community, Radical Unschoolers.  I have learned so much by reading what all of these very enlightened women have to say every day.  Recently, Dayna Martin at Sparkling Martins and Unschooling America, said something that really stuck with me.  She said that she helps her children with their passions, whatever they may be.  She went on to address that some people might feel uncomfortable supporting a child who is engaged in video games all day long, but if that is their current passion, she feels strongly about supporting it in any way that she can.  I love this!  I am trying to also practice this in our family.  Right now, each of my children has many passions!  An easy example, however, is Amelia.  She is very interested in learning Spanish (along with My Little Ponies, princesses, fairies, ballet, reading, woodworking, .....).  So, to help fuel her passion, she took many Spanish books out of the library; I helped her find the section of books that are completely in Spanish.  She also selected  3 videos and a cassette tape about learning Spanish.  Yesterday, she searched the web for Spanish recipes and then made one....yummy Spanish baked apples!  I helped her order a CD from Amazon to help her learn more Spanish.  Tonight, I am taking her to a program at our local library for people who are practicing their Spanish.  It feels wonderful to support Amelia (and my other children) in their passions everyday!

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