Monday, February 16, 2009


In our family, we have been having the discussion of what to call ourselves (as I had explained in a previous post).  I really have a problem saying we "homeschool," when what we do differs greatly from other homeschool families that I know.  Tonight, Amelia came up with the best idea!  She said that what we do is "EXPLORE."  I couldn't agree more!  She went on to say that she explores the computer, she explores her camera (she is my technology girl!).  I added that we explore museums, parks, the sewing machine, the art supplies, our kitchen, friend's houses, etc......

Let's go exploring....


  1. I love it Lydia. Exploring is exactly what we do. How simple and perfect. Our little ones are often the ones to put things as plain and true as they in spite of how complicated we tend to make it.

    BTW, nice to see you've gotten your blog straightened out.

  2. I love Explorers! Amelia is right that does capture your daily lives. Looks like everyone has been having fun! Love, Mom