Friday, February 20, 2009

A New Experience....

Today, for the first time, we went roller skating!!!  What fun!!!  It was the homeschoolers' "unskate" at the roller rink.  Ben, Leah, Maddie, and Amelia, along with their sweet friend Kerry, had so much fun!  I was truly amazed by their confidence and their willingness to try and try and try and .....try again.  Even after falling SO MANY TIMES, they stood up laughing and tried again!  What spirit!  By the end of our 2 hours, Amelia was off on her own around the rink.  Maddie was not far behind.  Leah and Ben were also gaining confidence and trying it on their own.  

I wish that I had pictures to post along with this message, but I forgot my camera!  Instead, you will have to visualize the smiles that come from having an afternoon of pure FUN!!!


  1. Oh, someday we will join you in this. Right now, though, Rainer has no interest in even trying.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful day! Sorry I wasn't able to come with you! Love, Mom

  3. sounds great. I hope I can join you next time- that is to watch, not skate