Monday, February 9, 2009

Spring Whispers!

I love this....Spring Whispers!   The term was created by my daughter, Amelia, using our new magnetic poetry words for the fridge.  What fun!!!  Amelia spent much of her afternoon creating a long poem using so many of the words.  In doing this, besides just HAVING FUN, she was being so creative, reading, spelling, creating poetry, etc.....  

I also just love the term, Spring Whispers.  It seems to me that Spring is doing this very thing, as we get a warm "teaser" day followed by days that are cold.  Soon, I know, Spring will be beautifully loud with blooming tulips, daffodils, and tasty, new spinach leaves, but for now, we'll enjoy every small whisper that comes our way!


  1. Spring is whispering around here in swollen buds, witch hazel flowers on the verge of blooming, and snowdrops poking up their sharp green leaves. Yes, Amelia, I think spring whispering is a most appropriate term.


  2. I love this terminology! I have mentioned it to so many people. What insight from Amelia. She is wise beyond her years! She is such a sweet, thoughtful person. Love, Mom