Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Beautiful Day......

I want to celebrate our day...full of fun, learning, laughing, loving, exploring this beautiful world that we live in!

Today, we raised about $46.00 for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation towards eventually CURING my dear daughter, Amelia, of this dreadful disease.  (We have so much hope now that Obama is president!  I am definitely a "mama for Obama!!!).  All of my children spent time yesterday making beautiful bookmarks to sell, and I baked yummy chocolate chip muffins.  And, the people who came to the Rachel Kohl Library and saw us selling things were so very generous!  

While Ben, Leah, Amelia, and I were having our diabetes sale, Maddie was enjoying her day at Open Connections. Please visit their website to see how wonderful this place is. In a nutshell, it is a place that honors young people and treats them with the respect that they deserve. It is also full of wonderful activities to explore! And, it is FUN!!!   While there, she used a hammer to turn chalk into colored dust, added water, and created a new medium to paint!  When we all finally arrived home late this afternoon, Ben, Leah, and Maddie had to try it for themselves!

To end our day, Amelia was on the computer for about 2 hours! This would have upset me a few months ago, but I now realize that this is her passion! And, I always want to support my children's passions. She spent this time adding to her blog, To Amelia.
She wrote a story, posted comments to friends' blogs (which she inspired), and even wrote to her pen pal who also has diabetes.  I admit that I used to try to force my children to write, though I would usually try to disguise my attempts by having them write letters or some other "authentic" piece of writing.  Now, with no attempts on my part, Amelia is writing like crazy!  She just had to do it on her own, in her own way, and because SHE decided to do it.  No more will I try to control my children's activities.  They know exactly what they need to be doing.  I trust this and will support them in all of their explorations!

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